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Vbrand is an audiovisual strategy and solution agency for branded content. Founded in 2012, it has delivered over a thousand projects for more than 200 brands and global causes.

Vbrand Team

  • Fernanda Menegotto
    Fernanda Menegotto Co-Founder and Executive Director

    Journalist, has 15 years of experience in the content and audiovisual industry. She worked at the Across The Pond unit of Google's Creative Lab, Vbrand's strategic partner in London, and co-founded the multi-platform "Go Green Guide". At TV Globo, she specialized in the development of special series. She is a specialist in Digital Marketing by General Assembly, postgraduate in Environmental Management by UFRJ and Master in Media Management by Westminster University.

  • Hugo Godinho
    Hugo Godinho Co-Founder

    Executive director of strategies and digital business of the In Press Group, Hugo leads the innovation projects in communication for the holding company. He is the co-founder of Vbrand, an audiovisual label, and Critical Mass, the In Press Group's innovation and technology agency. Graduated in Management with a focus on Marketing from PUC-Rio, with extension at UC Berkeley and Executive MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of Clube de Creição Rio, and graduated from Singularity University in Silicon Valley.

  • Kiki Moretti
    Kiki Moretti Founder and CEO of In Press Group

    Graduated in Journalism from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in 1988 Kiki created In Press, an agency that gave birth to the In Press Group, one of the leaders in the communication market in Brazil. In 2000, she helped found the Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies (Abracom), and in 2006 she was elected Communication Personality of the Year. She was the Brazilian representative on the PR jury of Cannes Lions 2015 and nominated for the Caboré 2016 Award in the category Entrepreneur or Manager of the Communication Industry.

  • Valeska Zamboni
    Valeska Zamboni Production Manager

    Graduated in Publicity and Advertising, she joined Conspiração Filmes in 2006 and assumed the coordination of production of Literal Portal - Literature site that has as authors Luis Fernando Veríssimo and Zuenir Ventura. She also worked with Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda on the Aeroplano Editora, executive production of books, art projects, training and digital events. In 2012, she went to São Paulo, where she worked for Rede Globo de Televisão, as production coordinator.

  • Daniela Tolomei
    Daniela Tolomei New Business

    Graduated in Communication Arts at Marymount Manhattan College - NY; with specialization in film production at New York University and MBA in Management at IAG - PUC Rio. Daniela has international experience in major projects, such as the Off Broadway Company "Signature Theater Company" and in feature films such as "Rabbit Hole", "The Music Never Stopped" and "The Good Heart".
    In Brazil, was part of the creation team of the series "Gabi Estrella", for the Gloob channel.
    Dani was a partner, executive director and executive producer of Rio Cinema Digital for 5 years, where she has led more than 300 projects: TV series, feature films and advertisements for major brands. Developed the business structure of production company and represented the company when it was selected from the 10 chosen in the forum ABVCAP in 2016.

  • Amanda Marques
    Amanda Marques Executive Producer

    Graduated in Law, but since her adolescence had her eyes turned to the cinema. She has experience in the advertising market, where she produced institutional contents and corporate events. She has worked in agencies and video producers, as production coordinator and executive producer. She was a producer of audiovisual content in the Institutional Communication of the Government of Brasilia. Since 2013, she directs the production of independent films, with exhibitions and awards at national and international festivals.

  • Roberta Garcia
    Roberta Garcia Executive Producer

    Graduated in Radio & TV from FAAP, worked as Broadcast Manager in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Roberta also worked for TV Globo and SporTV as jornalist and producer. At ESPN, she worked as announcer and editor, and worked in UOL on the first live broadcasts to the internet in Brazil. With more than 15 years of experience in the production of multimedia audiovisual content, she was also in the marketing of Red Bull, and is always looking for news in technology and new communication platforms.

  • Thum Thompson
    Thum Thompson Creation Director

    Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda, he has over 12 years of experience acting as a copywriter and creative strategist. He has worked in large companies such as Isobar and Artplan, where he was responsible for creating concepts and strategies for clients such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Embratur, Natura, SEBRAE and Rock in Rio. In 2016 he worked for Mesa & Cadeira, Coca-Cola, Google, MASP, Natura and Nestlé.

  • Diogo Vianna
    Diogo Vianna Creation Director

    Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda, he has ten years of experience in Creation and Planning. In the In Press Group, he is responsible for the creation of communication concepts, strategies and actions for brands in the consumer, sports and entertainment segments. In the preparation of the Rio 2016 Games, he signed the Creative Planning of the actions of engagement and communication with the more than 50 thousand volunteers and 8 thousand employees of the Organizing Committee. He currently teaches storytelling, creation and communication workshops for companies and institutions.

  • M.M Izidoro
    M.M Izidoro Content Director

    Writer, director and producer with more than 15 years of experience. He directed and wrote two feature films "Black Box" (2008) and "The Multicolor Book of Karnak" (2006). In 2015, he released "O Diabo Mora Aqui", the first film of a series that proposes to produce films of fantastic genre in Brazil. His advertising campaigns have been recognized with international awards such as Cannes Lions, Clio Awards and El Ojo. He has already filmed in all the continents of the world, except in the Antarctic ... But still there is time.

  • Camila Milome
    Camila Milome Production Intern

    Student of Social Communication with qualification in Radialism (Audiovisual), she has been passionate about cinema since childhood. She began to venture into the audiovisual universe in 2013, when she created a YouTube channel.

  • Cases

    We pair specialized knowledge of video content production and distribution across multiple platforms with a deep understanding of the dynamics of the digital marketplace, consumer habits, information sharing, and integrated communication.

  • Meu Rio
    Meu Rio - Meu Rio
    Client Meu Rio

    We signed the animation of the Meu Rio urban mobilization network. The project aims to make the people of Rio participate more actively in the political life of the city.

  • Chevening
    British Embassy - Chevening
    Client British Embassy

    Vbrand produced the video to publicize Chevening scholarships, awarded to students in over 160 countries, including Brazil. Fernanda Menegotto, the agency's managing director, was one of the stars of the campaign.

  • Showreel 2016
    Showreel 2016

    We are proud to have been part of so many amazing stories! Check out our 2016 showreel and see what Vbrand can do for your brand.


    A year before the World Cup, the scenery was disheartening, especially in Cuiabá. A survey found that 43% of people believed that the event would humiliate the city to the world. The challenge was to engage the population and the solution could not be otherwise: speak with the heart. Vbrand made the #VemProCoração video campaign, which reached almost 10 million people in 15 different countries.

    Client Gabriel Bonfim

    Anitta accompanied her friend Nathália Santos, blind since she was born, at the exhibition "De Fotografia à Tactografia", which has 3D photos so the visually impaired can also "see" them by touch. Shared by the singer on her social networks, the video was watched by 244,000 people and had a 12% higher than average viewing rate. There were 773,342 users impacted and 24,092 people engaged.

  • Casa do Futuro
    AMPLA - Casa do Futuro
    Client AMPLA

    The Casa do Futuro was part of the NO.V.A. project. (Nós Vivemos o Amanhã - We Live the Tomorrow), developed by Ampla in partnership with the city of Niterói. Vbrand made the videos that gave more visibility to the space, which would act as a lab of behavior, testing new experiences of consumption and coexistence. The videos were broadcasted on the social networks of Ampla and Casa do Futuro.

    Client APEX

    In the competition for Sugar Specs, Vbrand used high-complexity 3D characters and art to show how sugar cane is present in people's lives without them realizing it. The video was sent to vehicle journalists whose clients are potential investors in the industry, with the aim of turning up in news and thus attract interested parties to the sugar cane industry.

    Client VASENOL

    Vbrand recorded an inspiring action: women who survived breast cancer had nipples rebuilt with a tattoo. The case was a finalist at Cannes Lions 2016 in the Brand Voice / Strategic Storytelling and Low Cost categories. At the Saber Awards Latam 2016, it was the winner in the category of Existing Product Marketing and won a certificate of excellence in the Brand Construction category.


    Vbrand and the PR team of In Press Porter Novelli invited the influencers Maurício Cid (Não Salvo) and Kéfera Buchmann (5inco Minutos) for a blind trip to Maués (AM), where Guaraná Antarctica Black is produced. The adventure turned the web series #SeJogaNoEscuro - The mission. The episodes were seen over 2 million times and impacted more than 6 million people.

    Movimento Down - CRESCER COM DOWN
    Client Movimento Down

    The "Growing with Down Syndrome" web series was done in partnership with the Down Movement. With 26 episodes, the goal was to help managers with suggestions and experiences about the syndrome. The project has gained international prominence: the Down's Syndrome Association of England has subtitled 12 videos with exercise tutorials and Down Syndrome International called the work "pioneering".

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  • More than a video producer, Vbrand understands brand strategy. This way, they can propose formats and content aligned to our communication goals, with a dose of innovation. Luana Fleury, Institutional Communication Coordinator at Klabin
  • An agency/producer that usually mediates some promising meetings and brings opportunities to do projects together, without waiting for briefings to fall on their lap, becomes a partner, much more than a supplier. Leonardo D’Andrea – Creation and Production Supervisor at TV Globo – CGCMD


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